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Best Practices: Leveled Reading
Children's books are being used more frequently to teach mathematics. With literature, children are able to experience the wonder of mathematics in the same way they appreciate the wonders of a great story. Here you will find classroom resources, activities, and instructional tips on how books can provide a rich context for understanding mathematical concepts.
What is Leveled Reading?
Children's literature is an effective tool for mathematics instruction because it:
  • incorporates stories into the teaching and learning of mathematics
  • introduces math concepts and contexts in a motivating manner
  • acts as a source for generating problems and building problem solving skills
  • helps build a conceptual understanding of math skills through illustrations
Leveled Reading in Your Classroom

How Does Reading Help to Teach Math?
Watch Marilyn Burns, the nation's leading math educator, discusses the relationship between reading and math instruction.

How Children’s Literature Connects to Mathematics
Watch Marilyn Burns as she illustrates how children's literature can help students make connections to mathematics with the book Quack and Count by Keith Baker.

Great Children’s Books to Teach Mathematics (PDF)
Download a list of children's books that serve as springboards for math instruction.

Math Lessons Using Literature
Learn how to use storybooks to teach mathematics with this article by Marilyn Burns.

See a Detailed Lesson Plan (PDF) for Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream by Cindy Neuschwander

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