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Scholastic Reading Skills Kits offer a flexible, year-long program that builds vital language arts skills with high interest selections and practice organized around topics such as history, geography, and science. Students get necessary skills reinforcement in a flexible format that saves you time. It lets readers go at their own pace, chart their own progress, and grow more confident as they experience reading success.

Each kit contains 150 Reading Skills Cards, 150 Answer Cards, 15 Reading Strategy Cards, and a Teacher's Resource Book with strategies and suggestions for independent use by the students.

TEKS Correlation

PRIMARY—Reading Levels 1.0–3.5
Order #932311 Price $240.00
BOX A—Reading Levels 2.0–4.5
Order #907830 Price $240.00
BOX B—Reading Levels 3.0–5.5
Order #907967 Price $240.00
BOX C—Reading Levels 4.0–6.5
Order #907968 Price $240.00
BOX D—Reading Levels 5.0–7.5
Order #932312 Price $240.00