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Now that you have a compelling topic, it's time to unpack it on paper. Check out these tips on getting started, keeping going, and setting your essay apart.

Ideas and Techniques

Choosing Credible Internet Sources
Fact, fiction, or internet babble? Separate the valid from the questionable.

Quote with Care
Gather a panel of experts to back up your claim.

The Outline (PDF)
Remember, a body without a skeleton is just mush. So it goes with an essay and its outline.

Elements of a Good Essay:

Thesis Statement
Start with a strong, well-worded opinion statement.

The Introduction
Grab your reader's attention!

The Conclusion
Leave your reader with something to think about.

5 Steps to Stand-Out Writing
Maintain habits that keep you in prime writing form.


Featured Author

“I look for credible sources like journalists or doctors that have an authoritative background on my topic.”
—Brian White
Read Brian's award-winning essay, "The Answer to Stress."

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