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Don’t know where to start? Follow these leads and see where they go!

Ideas and Techniques

Journalism from life
Look no further than your neighborhood, school, or sports team for good ideas. Write about what you know best. Investigate stories in your own backyard!

Journalism from the news
Surf the net and read papers, magazines, and other periodicals to find the latest scoop!

Opinion-based journalism
Pick a controversial topic. Pick a side. Now it’s your chance to be heard!

Fast Food Nation (PDF)
Read Eric Schlosser’s investigative piece on American eating habits, then write your own investigative story about eating habits in your community.

Featured Author

Aaron Kiersh

“I came up with the idea of finding two heroes — one in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and the other in Camden, New Jersey — who could speak about their efforts to effect positive change in their cities.”
—Aaron Kiersh
Read Aaron Kiersh’s award-winning piece, “Two Heroes, One Common Dream.”
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