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Ok, so now you're ready to get it down on paper. Where do you start? Simple answer: you just do. Check out the tips and activities below to find strategies and suggestions to get you launched and keep you going.

Ideas and Techniques

10 Ways to Build Good Habits and Battle Writer's Block
Try these techniques to keep up your writing momentum.

Student Writers on Writing
See what winners from Scholastic's Art & Writing Awards have to say about writing habits, ideas, and inspiration.

Form Poetry
Review several kinds of poetry with this list of what's what, from haiku to cinquain.

Sestina Writing (PDF)
Try your hand at this challenging poetry form using this printable worksheet.

Featured Author

“This poem was a challenge for me, because some of the issues discussed within it are particularly complex.”
—Meredith Weber
Student Author
Meredith Weber, 17,
on drafting her award winning poem, "From Where My Mother Sat".

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