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Have you ever tried to get your work published? Write It is a fantastic place to publish your poem once it’s ready.

Are you ready to give it a try? We’d love to read your work and consider it for selection on WriteIt. Go now to publish your work.

Here’s what some of our Critics’ Picks poets have to say about getting published and their advice to aspiring writers:

“Getting published for the first time is... almost indescribable. Knowing that someone out there, anyone at all, wants to read your inner musings — it’s beyond happiness. And that feeling is worth all of the risk of rejection. Without a doubt. I have friends who have so much more talent then I do, but they’ve never taken that risk. If you want to get published you must always take the risk. Period.”

Olivia M, 14, CA, Author of "Childhood"

“If you want to publish your poems, I would suggest making a million copies and sending them to every place you can, and don’t let rejection stop you. No one is going to say yes all the time, but when they do it’s worth all the no’s you’ve gotten before it.”

Natalie Wright, 18, DE, Author of "Where I’m From"

“When it comes to actually submitting work to competitions and for
publications, I’m no expert, but I find that diligent revision makes me
more confident with what I’m sending.”

Sara R, 16, SC, Author of "That Summer’s Heat"