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Your first draft can always improve. These tips can help you evaluate and improve your own work, as well as get — and give — meaningful feedback.

Ideas and Techniques

Evaluating Your First Draft (PDF)
Run through this checklist before you workshop your poem with others.

Peer Review
Dive into this 3-step process to exchange ideas and improve your piece.

Giving Meaningful Feedback
Find out what to look for and how to phrase it so you can help your peers' improve their work.

Do You Enjoy Cliché?
This quick quiz will help you gauge how much you're prone to it.

Reviewing Your Work for Cliché
Follow these tips to rid your poetry of obvious and overused language.

Featured Author

"Fortunately, I took a creative writing class in high school, so I was able to get feedback from several people in a workshop setting.”
—Meredith Weber
Student Author
Read Meredith Weber's poem and hear her describe how she collected meaningful feedback.

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