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When is a poem finished? Scholastic Art & Writing Award-winner Natalie Wright says, "I don't think any poem is ever really finished. There are always things to make better." But what are those things? We have a list of ideas for helping you improve your poem.

Ideas and Techniques

Picking Powerful Verbs
Though they're often overlooked, precise verbs can make the difference between a mediocre poem and a marvelous one.

Handling Feedback from Others
Other people's opinions can hurt or help you. Check out some ways to make the most of constructive criticism.

Revising for Sound
Here's an example of a poem with aural punch. Try reworking your own poetry so it sounds superb.


Featured Author

“The poem I showed the class the first time barely resembles the poem now.”
—Meredith Weber
Student Author
Read Meredith's first draft, and hear her describe how she revised her poem.