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Bring poetry writing alive for your students with interactive modeling, a student publishing center, lesson plans for each part of the writing process, and a forum for sharing ideas with other educators.

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Help students focus on key writing skills with these interactive and printable exercises developed with examples from student writing and classic literature.

Student Author
Meredith Weber, 17
Model the effective use of imagery with an interactive exploration of her award winning poem"From Where My Mother Sat".
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Help your students craft well-controlled metaphors with an exercise by U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser.
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Additional Exercises:
Sylvia Plath Exercise (PDF)
Sylvia Plath Lesson (PDF)

Writing Process
Middle school teachers: Read these step-by-step lesson plans to help you guide your students through the poetry writing process.

High school teachers: Read "Teaching Poetry Through Rap," a guest teacher lesson by Philip Clark.
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Lessons from Literary Cavalcade
Discover these resources from Scholastic’s magazine for college-bound students.

Break the Ode Code with John Keats (PDF)
Frost and Snow with Robert Frost (PDF)
Understanding Genre: Poetry on Poetry (PDF)

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"I use computers with word processing for ease of editing and revising processes."

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