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The Bunny That Became Famous

By: Molly L.
Indiana, Age 9

One day, a bunny named Brownie lived in Chicago in a hole. He was brown and the bunnies that he lived with were white. They were mean and bad bunnies. But, Brownie was fun, good, funny, had blue eyes, awesome, the best and talks a lot too! He was born on September 27, 1999. One day, he got kicked out for no reason at all. So he packed his bags and left.

When he got out of the hole he saw Chicago for the first time in his life. It was sunny, bright, hot, and BIG! A lot of people in live in Chicago. He had no friends at all. A little while later, he saw a big building and so he went to take a look. Oh no! A person picked Brownie up and put hime in a cage. ''Let me out!,'' he said. ''Action!,'' said a man in a blue shirt. Brownie did not know where he was and then he realized that he was on T.V. He was on the ''Big Family Show.'' They had the wrong bunny! ''I guess the other one ran away,'' said Brownie. An hour later the mean bunnies came to the set of the ''Big Family Show'' because they saw Brownie on T.V. They said they were sorry and never meant to be mean to him.

Now the bunnies and Brownie are friends. On the set of the ''Big Family Show,'' Brownie met a girl. Her name is Chocolate. Five months later, they got married.

The End. (or Bunny Beginning!)