Step 1: My Poem
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Below is a poem from one of my books, The New Kid on the Block. I encourage you to read the poem and use it as a model when you start working on my poetry challenge. As you read, you can listen to me recite the poem — and hear truly amazing sound effects.

Louder Than a Clap of Thunder

Louder than a clap of thunder,
louder than an eagle screams,
louder than a dragon blunders,
or a dozen football teams,
louder than a four alarmer,
or a rushing waterfall,
louder than a knight in armor
jumping from a ten-foot wall.
Louder than an earthquake rumbles,
louder than a tidal wave,
louder than an ogre grumbles
as he stumbles through his cave,
louder than stampeding cattle,
louder than a cannon roars,
louder than a giant's rattle,
that's how loud my father SNORES!


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