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Magic Tree House #16 Hour of the Olympics
by Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca (Illustrator) ( Grades 1–4)
This early chapter book series features a magical, book-filled tree house that transports two children back in time.

It's All Greek to Me
by Jon Scieszka, Lane Smith (Illustrator) ( Grades 4–6)
In a perfect collaboration, Scieszka and Smith have created three friends who find new ways to challenge each other, in the present and the past! The adventures they share will appeal to readers who like the unusual and the unusually funny. In this adventure, the Time Warp Trio is trying NOT to get their togas in a knot in an escapade to ancient Greece.

Ancient Greeks
by Daisy Kerr ( Grades K–3)
Broaden the young reader's understanding and appreciation of the world of ancient Greece. From David Salariya, the creator of the Timelines and X-Ray Picture Books, comes the Worldwise series.

How Would You Survive as an Ancient Greek?
by Fiona MacDonald ( Grades 4–6)
This title in the How Would You Survive? Series transports its reader back in time, and with a new identity, by giving detailed information in the aspects of life during the historical period of ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece: A Complete Resource Filled With Background Information, Cross-Curricluar Activities and Games, Library and Internet Links, Art Projects, & a Play
by Sean Stewart Price ( Grades 4–8)
Take students on an odyssey of learning and fun back to ancient Greece. Students become experts on ancient Greece as they play a polis strategy game, argue a case in an Athenian trial, map out historic sites along the Aegean coast, enact a scene from Antigone, try on Golden Age fashions, and much more. Includes a full-color map.

The Spelling List and Word Study Resource Book: Organized Spelling Lists, Greek and Latin Roots, Word Histories and Other Resources for Dynamic Spelling and Vocabulary Instruction
by Aileen Wheaton, Mary Jo Fresch ( Grades 1–6)
This book provides the word study lists teachers need. Not sure what spelling words to use? Look it up! Ready to teach Greek and Latin roots? You'll find handy lists and tips for teaching students how these roots influenced the English language.

Oral Presentations Made Easy!: Super Strategies and Warm-Ups That Help Kids Write and Give Effective Speeches and Presentations and Communicate With Confidence
by Paul B. Janeczko ( Grades 5 & Up)
Help your students look forward to public speaking. With fun and playful warm-ups, strategies that guide kids through the process of creating a super speech, an anti-stage fright checklist, and more, this book has all the tools you need.

Getting the Most Out of Teaching with Newspapers
by Rebecca Olien ( Grades 3 5)
A must-have resource to get kids reading and learning from the newspaper! Lessons and activities help you introduce the parts of the paper, create a class newspaper, and use the paper to teach reading, writing, math, and more.

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