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You are just one step away from your completed book.

Now that you’ve learned about four vertebrate groups: fish, birds, amphibians, and mammals — it’s time for the big decision. Where do bats belong?

Make any edits or changes so your writing will be clear. Imagine your book will be read by someone who does not know as much about bats as you now do.

  • Add any details that you think will improve your work.
  • Complete sentences and check for spelling errors.
  • Make your final decision about where you believe bats are classified.
*Book Title *First Name Only Last Initial
*My Notes About Fish and Bats
*My Notes About Birds and Bats
*My Notes About Amphibians and Bats
*My Notes About Mammals and Bats

Based on the evidence, I think bats are:
Fish Reptiles Amphibians Mammals


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