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Karly W. from Nebraska is the Name-a-Bug-Challenge Winner!

Dr. Toby Schuh from the American Museum of Natural History selected the winning name from hundreds of entries. The bug Chlamydatus wilkinsoni will now be known as:

The Little Black Demon

Karly W. explains, "Because it's scary, it has one leg missing and don't demons have things falling off all over the place?."
Scientific Name: Chlamydatus wilkinsoni
• This true-bug species shows more abdomen than others because its wings are unusually short.
• They’re usually found at high elevations, like in the Rocky Mountains.
• They like to eat plants.
• These true bugs are native to temperate regions of North America, Asia and Europe.

(Photo © Schuh & Schwartz 2005)

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Chlamydatus wilkinsoni Scientific Name:
Phoenicocoris rostratus
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