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See how thousands of kids like you voted on the top environmental issues of today. Click on each tab to explore all the issues. What do you think about the results? Sound off on our Save the Planet message board.

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  • Animals
  • Pollution
  • Preservation
  • How I Save the Planet
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The Big Picture

Which of the following is the most important environmental issue facing the world today?

  • 14% Water resources
  • 15% Energy resources
  • 16% Wildlife conservation
  • 55% Global climate change

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What's your biggest environmental concern about ocean life?

  • 20% Global warming
  • 15% Over-fishing
  • 58% Pollution
  • 7% Ship and boat traffic

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What would you do to protect wild plants and animals?

  • 13% Put birdhouses and birdbaths in my schoolyard to support local birds.
  • 24% Help clean up and protect beaches and parks where wild plants and animals live.
  • 9% Don't collect or bring home wild plants and animals. Instead, observe them in nature.
  • 54% I'd like to do all of these things! This is a high priority for me.

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Coral Reefs

What should be done to protect the ocean's coral reefs?

  • 59% Stop pollution that's killing reef animals.
  • 11% Reduce over fishing that's damaging the reef's ecosystem.
  • 14% Address global warming! Rising temperatures are a major threat.
  • 16% Stop cutting down rainforests to keep soil from running into the ocean and damaging the reefs.

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Forests on the island of Madagascar are disappearing. What should be done?

  • 27% Put all the remaining forest in reserves and keep people out.
  • 25% Stop cutting down trees to make firewood and for farmland.
  • 4% Nothing — people need to make a living and eat!
  • 44% Find a balance between the needs of people and the needs of nature.

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How important are environmental issues about water, both fresh and salty?

  • 51% Extremely important! It's one of my top issues.
  • 34% It's a concern, but other issues are more important to me.
  • 12% I don't know enough about it to say.
  • 3% Not important at all.

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Coastal Erosion

What should be done about increased coastal erosion along shorelines?

  • 43% Don't make it worse: Rethink new construction projects.
  • 51% Rebuild it: Plant trees and erect walls.
  • 4% Evacuate it: Move people away from the coast.
  • 2% Live with it: Residents must deal with the consequences.

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Celebrating Earth Day

How would you like to celebrate Earth Day?

  • 2% By writing letters to my local politicians and business leaders
  • 30% By cleaning up my local parks and shore area
  • 16% With a huge free concert in a public park with all my friends
  • 52% I celebrate Earth Day every day by reducing, recycling, and reusing

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Ecotourism: great idea or just another problem?

  • Great! It's a smart way to combine travel and environmentalism.
  • Could go either way depending on how responsible people are.
  • Problem! Even well-meaning travelers have an impact.
  • Never heard of it. I'll have to learn more.

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