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Kids Vote on the Environment: All Results

See how thousands of kids like you voted on today's top environmental issues. Click on each tab to explore all the issues. What do you think about the results? Sound off on our Save the Planet message board.

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We Recycle

Your School’s Response

How good a job is your school doing to help the environment?

  • 36% A+ — Great!
  • 42% B — OK, but we could do even better.
  • 11% C– — Needs improvement.
  • 11% Awful! We need to start recycling.

Celebrating Earth Day

How would you like your community to celebrate Earth Day?

  • 24% Hold a tree-planting event
  • 44% Clean up the local parks or shore area
  • 12% Host a farmer's market with locally grown foods
  • 20% Collect broken or unused electronics for recycling

Kids running, the future

In Ten Years

In ten years, what change would you like to see in your community?

  • 21% All-hybrid public transportation fleet
  • 8% Bicycle rack on every corner
  • 51% Solar panels on new public buildings
  • 20% Wind mills to collect energy

man and kid recycling, grown-ups' response


How do you rate your school’s recycling efforts?

  • 33% A+ — Great!
  • 39% B — OK, but we could do even better.
  • 14% C– — Needs improvement. This is a serious issue.
  • 14% F — Awful! Much more needs to be done.

Going Green

How would you like to see your city or town “go green”?

  • 29% Plant more trees and green spaces
  • 26% Provide more recycling stations and a ban on plastic bags
  • 19% Mandate “green buildings” for all new construction
  • 26% Provide affordable public transportation

Green Products

What green products would you like to see in stores?

  • 33% More daily goods made from recycled materials
  • 24% Products with biodegradable packaging
  • 22% Spiders are cool! Besides, all animals are an important part of the environment.
  • 21% Organic and locally grown food