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Kids Vote on the Environment: All Results

See how thousands of kids like you voted on today's top environmental issues. Click on each tab to explore all the issues. What do you think about the results? Sound off on our Save the Planet message board.

  • You and Your Family
  • School and Community
  • The World
man and kid recycling, grown-ups' response

Your Response

How good a job is your family doing to help the environment?

  • 21% A+ — Great!
  • 45% B — Ok, but we could do even better
  • 21% C — Needs improvement
  • 13% F — Awful! We need to start recycling!

Earth, The Big Picture

Your Big Picture

Which of the following is the most important environmental issue facing the world today?

  • 17% Water resources
  • 19% Energy resources
  • 16% Wildlife conservation
  • 48% Global climate change

Kids running, the future

In Ten Years

In ten years, how do you see your family helping the environment?

  • 27% We’ll own a hybrid car
  • 13% We’ll grow our own vegetable garden
  • 36% We’ll live in an energy-efficient home
  • 24% We’ll always shop with reusable bags

Reversing Global Warming

What are you and your family willing to do to stop global warming?

  • 5% Nothing. I don't think it's a huge problem.
  • 12% Recycle my bottles and cans, but that's it.
  • 56% Recycle and change some habits, such as walking or riding my bike, buying less stuff, and turning lights off.
  • 27% Whatever it takes: we’re ready to volunteer our time and turn our community green.

Climate Change

How important is global climate change?

  • 56% Extremely important! It's one of my top issues.
  • 30% It's a concern, but other issues are more important to me.
  • 10% I don't know enough about it to say.
  • 4% Not important at all. It's not a big deal.



What is your family willing to do to reduce trash?

  • 73% Recycle bottles, cans, paper, and plastic
  • 13% Use fewer paper plates, plastic forks, and other one-use products
  • 5% Start composting
  • 9% Donate items you no longer need

We Recycle

How You Help

What would you be willing to do to help the environment?

  • 17% Volunteer my time to raise awareness.
  • 38% Recycle all paper, plastic, and cans.
  • 40% Turn off electrical appliances like TVs and computers when not in use.
  • 5% Nothing. My individual actions aren’t enough to matter.

'Clean Up' clipboard, taking responsibility

Taking Responsibility

The environment is whose responsibility?

  • 18% Mostly the government’s responsibility
  • 9% Mostly scientists’ responsibility
  • 7% Mostly my parents’ generation responsibility
  • 66% Mostly my generation—we are the future


How important are environmental issues about water?

  • 48% Extremely important! It’s one of my top issues.
  • 26% It’s a concern, but other issues are more important to me.
  • 19% I don't know enough about it to say.
  • 7% Not important at all.

Your Prediction

In the future, will environmental problems be better or worse?

  • 22% Better! I think science will provide solutions.
  • 37% Better! I think people will change their behavior.
  • 29% Worse! There's just not enough being done and people don't care enough.
  • 12% No change! There's already too much damage and the human population is still growing.