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Putting It Together
Putting It Together

Some Do's and Don’ts of a Research Presentation
There are some important keys to putting together a solid research presentation. Whether it’s a written report, an oral presentation, or a multimedia experience, keep in mind the following tips and ideas:
  • Don’t trust your memory. Take notes as you read. They make wonderful resources as you organize your experience.
  • Try to remember when you didn’t know anything. The audience for a research report will enjoy following in your footsteps. Let the audience in on how you made your discoveries. It’s fine and even desirable to share your mistakes. No great research was ever accomplished without some false starts, and confusion on the part of the scientist. Honesty and persistence can lead to impressive results.
  • It’s true, a picture can be worth a thousand words. When sharing information with your audience, use visual aids whenever possible. Even if you are unable to find photos, you can create illustrations and diagrams that can make a huge difference.