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Skagit River: Your Mission

Join Earthwatch research teams in northwest Washington State as they interview tribal peoples, early settlers, farmers, and fishers on their memories of fishing the Skagit River.

The Skagit River is the largest river in western Washington State, and one of the last, best salmon-fishing rivers in North America. At one time salmon were plentiful. Today salmon populations are declining as a result of over-fishing and loss of habitat. Through field reports, photographs, and interviews, discover firsthand how the river and the life cycle of the salmon are closely linked to the lives of the people in the Skagit River valley, and especially to Native American tribal beliefs.
  • Learn about Native American cultures, past and present.
  • Learn about Earthwatch's research and why it is important.
  • Discover the way scientists use interviewing as way to learn about the past.
  • Look at the problems facing wild salmon.
  • Explore the issues surrounding people and their environment.
  • Do your own research on Native American cultures.
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