Scholastic Explorer

Materials Needed:

Graphic Organizers: Reading Comprehension: KWL

Computer: activities can be modified from one computer to a whole computer lab.

Optional: Power Point, LCD Projector, and Overhead Projector

Transparency Paper: print out selected web pages and make transparency copies to post on the overhead, if you donít have access to a computer.

Basic art supplies (paper, glue, markers, etc.) may be useful, but they are not necessary.

Grade Specific Lessons

4–5 | 6–8 | 3–5: Be an Archaeologist | 4–8: Why People Move | 4–8: The Oral History of the Skagit River Watershed | 9–10: Oral History | 9–10: Utah Canyons Rock Art

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  Some of the resources on this page are in PDF format. To download them, you will need Adobe Adobe Acrobat Reader Software.