1. Big Decisions
2. First Day
3. Inside-Briefly
4. Integration Is the Law
5. Fighting to Learn
6. Becoming a Warrior
7. Endings and
8. Reunion
9. Interview

Melba Pattillo Home

Fighting to Learn

Melba has grown up in a religious home. She has been taught to treat others with respect. She can't believe the kind of treatment she receives each and every day at Central High School.

Melba is called ugly, cruel names. She's kicked, tripped, and spit on. She's pelted with eggs, and dodges sticks of dynamite.

She has acid thrown in her face. She is threatened over and over with death.

By early December, Danny and the rest of the 101st soldiers leave. Her protectors are gone. Melba is on her own. The threats and violence get worse.

But there are a few small acts of kindness from white students. One, a white boy named Link, becomes Melba's secret friend. He warns her of plots to harm her.