1. Big Decisions
2. First Day
3. Inside-Briefly
4. Integration Is the Law
5. Fighting to Learn
6. Becoming a Warrior
7. Endings and
8. Reunion
9. Interview

Melba Pattillo Home


It's September 25, 1997. Melba and the other members of the Little Rock Nine are together outside Central High School. They are surrounded by a crowd of people. Once again, Melba climbs the steps leading to the main doors. Forty years ago, President Eisenhower sent soldiers so she could walk up these stairs. Forty years later, President Bill Clinton is beside her. He leads the country in honoring the courage and sacrifice of Melba and her fellow students. Thanks to them and many others, children of all colors at Central High — and in thousands of other schools — learn together and get along.

Today Melba is a writer. She has written a book about her experiences at Central High School called Warriors Don't Cry. She also just published White is a State of Mind, a book about her life after arriving in California in 1959.

Melba Pattillo Beals is also a mother. She has one grown daughter. In 1995, at age 52, she adopted two four-year-old boys.