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4. Read Kids' Reports
Kids around the country are getting the scoop on erosion. Check out some examples of what they have found.

Ravine Erosion
Alexis, Grade 5, NJ

There is a large ravine in my local area. Water is the agent that is causing erosion at the ravine. The eroded material is going downstream. A dam could be built to stop the water, therefore reducing the amount of erosion. A similar example of erosion is the pounding of water against rocks in the ocean.

A Path
Elias C., Grade 5, CA

The force causing the dirt path is humans walking over that area often. The eroded material is the plants and loose dirt. They are being pushed to the side. Humans could stop walking on that path. Biking on non-official trails can cause the same effect but worse.

Concrete Breaking Up
Emily C., Grade 3, KY

Water causes this to happen by running down the yard and washing the dirt away from the steps. The eroded material washes down the hill onto the sidewalk. It may even wash into the streets and sewers. To reduce the amount of erosion you could put up a concrete wall to keep the dirt in place. Another example of erosion is when trees lean because dirt is washed away from the roots, causing the tree to fall.

Jake W., Grade 6, IL

Plowing the fields every year causes farmers to loose much of their valuable land. It goes into the tiles[pipes] by the field. And then it goes to the river and is carried down stream. Farmers can use no till. That is where you just plant the seed without even plowing it. This problem is much like Niagara Falls it keeps going up the river because of all the water flowing over it.

The Hole In The Street
Nichole W., Grade 4, IL

Water is getting into cracks in the streets, freezing, and cracking the streets. The eroded material is being hit by cars and blown away. Putting more black top onto the holes would help reduce erosion. Another example of erosion is when the wind blows, the dirt spreads around.

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