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1. Investigate the Facts
2. Observe & Record
3. Report Your Findings
4. Read Sample Reports
3. Report Your Findings
Are you done investigating how friction affects you in your daily life? Before you write your report, you may want to review my notes from Investigate the Facts about friction. Compare your notes with my examples. Are you sure what you found is an example of friction?

Report Your Findings Your Name:  _ _
1. Which 'friction event' from your daily life did you choose as an example?

Answer the following questions with complete sentences, and combine them into a paragraph.

2. What two things are rubbing together?
3. How is friction either helping or hurting in this case?
4. If the friction is harmful, how can it be reduced? Or, if it's helpful, what can be done to increase the friction?
5. Can you think of a similar case in which friciton will have the same effect?
















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