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Redefine Independent Learning in Your Schools

Students enter the classroom with their own stories and with varying levels of ability. Scholastic Education’s digital solutions help educators impact their students’ literacy achievement where it’s needed most. Through access to 1000s of high-quality ebooks and research-based digital literacy tools, our child-centric digital products develop students’ literacy skills, leading to fluent readers for life.

We have the digital solutions for your
PreK to Grade 8 readers.

Our Approach

Students arrive in the classroom with a unique set of experiences that influence their literacy achievement. As guardians for student achievement, educators must reach and engage each student with the literacy skills they most need to become fluent, lifelong readers.

Foundational Skills

Science has proven learning to read is a complex process requiring mastery of five foundational skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

Early Literacy

Building background knowledge through text and multimedia experiences is key to improving young learners’ vocabulary and comprehension.

Independent Reading

Becoming a fluent, lifelong reader begins with access to robust libraries where students can independently explore texts based on their grade and interests to build their reading stamina.

Vocabulary & Word Study

Vocabulary acquisition is the #1 cause of the early literacy gap. By the time they’re four years old, students in lower-income families hear a staggering 30 million fewer words than children from higher-income families.

Close Reading

Learning to independently analyze a text to wonder why and how is a crucial reading skill that, when developed, turns students into strong, thoughtful readers.

Our Digital Solutions empower educators with 24/7 access to well-researched digital tools and meaningful, real-time data to effectively impact students’ literacy achievement.


Scholastic F.I.R.S.T.

Scholastic F.I.R.S.T. an Adventure on Ooka Island prepares students to hear, identify and manipulate each sound effortlessly, so that brain energy focuses on comprehension. Leading with phonemic awareness, Ooka Island teaches the five foundational skills in a highly-adaptive, personalized path through 6,695 micro-actions leading to reading proficiency.



With over 130 animated stories from BookFlix paired with best-selling nonfiction Scholastic ebooks, BookFlix’s fiction and nonfiction pairings strengthen early literacy skills while exposing Kindergarten through Grade 3 readers to real-world concepts.


Literacy Pro

Literacy Pro is a blended solution for Grades K–6 that empowers teachers to ensure effective independent reading while students are provided a purposeful reading experiences in and out of school.



A unique eReading experience designed to inspire a love of reading. Offers access to thousands of eBooks for independent and small group reading practice.



W.O.R.D. supercharges vocabulary acquisition and deepens comprehension through fun, research-based gameplay for students in Grades K–5. By helping students master the 2,500 word families that make up 90% of texts, students will be better prepared for reading.


Core Clicks

Core Clicks’ short, nonfiction texts were carefully designed to engage young readers. Close reading of informational texts prepare Kindergarten to Grade 5 students to become strong readers and reflective thinkers, ready to meet rigorous state standards and life beyond school.