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Kids USA Survey: All About Families

Analyze the Survey Results

Who is the #1 family member students confide in when they're in trouble? According to a survey conducted in December and January of 1997, a whopping 51% of students said they would go to their mom first. In fact, more kids voted for their mom than for all other family members combined!

We asked kids to tell us

  • What family members they confide in.
  • How they are most likely to spend time with their families.
  • How much time they spend in one-on-one conversation with members of their families.

Find out how kids voted and test your math smarts by using the charts and questions below:
* Family Members Students Confide In
* Family Members Students Confide In (by gender)
* How Students Spend Time with Family (by grade)
* Time Students Spend in Conversation with Family (by region)