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Lesson 3: Have Fun, Be Healthy!

Students will learn:

  • How to take turns speaking and listening.
  • That enjoying meals from different food groups helps you to grow up healthy, and what that means (strong bones, healthy teeth, skin, hair, etc.).
  • That eating from different food groups and exercising is good for your health.

Time Required: 30 minutes

Material Needed: Activity 3 (PDF) Student Reproducible

Steps for Conducting the Lesson:

  • Ask students, “What activities do you like to do?” Using the board, help students compile a list of physical and mental challenges they enjoy.
  • Ask students to take turns demonstrating the activities that are practical to do in the classroom. Ask them quantitative questions, such as “How many times can you hop on one foot?” or “How many vegetables can you spot on the I SPY poster?”
  • Explain to students that drinking and eating from different food groups can help them stay healthy and strong. Some children may have allergies or other conditions that limit the variety of foods they can eat, however.
  • Explain to students that eating and drinking healthy things and exercising for fun help them stay healthy.
  • Make copies and distribute the Lesson 3 student reproducible, “Have Fun, Be Healthy!”

Wrap-Up: Students describe in words or pictures what the word “healthy” means to them.

Answers to Have Fun, Be Healthy! student reproducible: 1. Answers may include running, scootering, reading, jumping rope, playing with hula hoop, skateboarding, cycling, playing ball. 2. Answers will vary.

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