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The Cafeteria Caper

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Hello there, math detectives. Boy, am I glad you showed up -- I've got a real pickle on my hands! My latest case took place at the local elementary school. I arrived at the scene and was immediately swept down the halls and into cafeteria chaos. A group of students sat at a lunch table staring unhappily at their trays.

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"YUCK!" cried Matilda, making a face at the slice of pizza in front of her. "I can't stand pepperoni!"

"Don't look at me," pouted Raul. "I hate any food with cheese on it." At that, he pushed away his cheeseburger.

"Hey, anybody want these chicken wings?" asked Khaley. "I don't like anything with meat in it."

Mike scooped up a spoonful of his yogurt and grumbled, "Everybody knows I'm allergic to this stuff."

"Well, yogurt is the only thing I like on the menu," replied Tonya. "And there's no way I'm going to eat THIS!" At that, she poked her salad with a fork.

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This was definitely a case for the Math Maven! "Hi, folks," I said to the hungry bunch. "Looks like you're all unhappy with your lunch."

"It's the new cafeteria lady, Ms. Maxy Mix-up," said Matilda. "She's mixed up all our favorite lunches and we're having trouble sorting it out."

"Don't worry," I said. "My math detectives are here to help get the orders straight."

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Solve the Mystery

Okay, super sleuths! Time to untangle this lunchtime knot. Each student has a favorite food. No two students share the same favorite. Your job is to match the student with his or her favorite food. You may want to make a chart to help organize the information.

When you've finished, click on the food Mike ordered:

Chicken wings
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