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Math Maven's Mystery: The Case of the Golden Bat Bandit

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Hello there, clever detectives! Our local baseball team, the Sounders, needs your help! It all started last night at their opening game.

"For it's one, two, three strikes yer out, at the oooold baaaall gaaaame!" sing the fans. Photographers, reporters, and fans fill the stadium and are eagerly awaiting the traditional start of the game: Mayor Rhett Angle is to hit the opening pitch with the famous Golden Bat.

Little do they know that more than the game is at stake. A mystery brews down in the dugout...

"What?!" cries Mayor Angle. "What do you mean, 'It's gone'?"

The Sounders' manager, Bases Malone, is at a loss for words. The precious Golden Bat has been stolen by the notorious town curmudgeon, Bernie B. Grudge. Bernie tried to play shortstop for the Sounders last summer, but he was always tripping the runners. Malone had no choice but to let him go.

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Bernie left this note in the dugout where the Golden Bat once stood:

Sorry if I'm holding up your game, Malone! You should have let me play on the team when you had your chance. Your precious Golden Bat is hidden behind one of the seats in this stadium. What's the seat number, you ask? Four hints:

  • The seat is in section "A"
  • The numbers 5 and 3 are both factors of the seat number
  • The seat is red
  • The seat is located in one of the highest rows of the section

"Mr. Mayor," moans Malone. "There are 2,000 seats in this stadium! It's going to take a real math whiz to crack this case."

"Well? What are you waiting for?!" thunders the Mayor. "Get the Math Maven and her unstoppable Math detectives!"

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Solve the Mystery

Okay, Math detectives, it's up to you to get this game back on the ball. I did some investigating and found that

  • the stadium seats are numbered 1 - 2,000
  • there are 100 seats in each section
  • even-numbered seats are blue and odd-numbered seats are red
  • seat numbers increase from lower to higher rows.

Get your logical thinking caps on tight and use the clues from Bernie's note to find the Golden Bat.

Is it under

seat 60?
seat 45?
seat 75?
seat 90?

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