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The Case of the Hatcher Hotel Heist

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Calling all math detectives! Math Maven here, at the world-famous Hatcher Hotel, the scene of our latest crime. This glitzy hotel is a favorite vacation spot for celebrities, but today some sneaky scoundrel has been stealing valuables from the hotel rooms.

The first robbery occurred early this morning in room 356. Lexy Lashes, the national beauty queen, was missing her diamond tiara.

"Math Maven, thank goodness you're here!" cried Lexy. "I need my crown. I can't attend this evening's ball without it!"

"Don't worry, Lexy," I assured her. "We'll track down the thief and recover your tiara." Just then, I noticed the number 213 written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror.

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Suddenly, I received a call from Colonel Crumbottom in room 569. His rare cufflinks had been stolen while he was in the shower. "I say, Math Maven," exclaimed the colonel when I arrived. "You really must put a stop to this! Those were my lucky derby cufflinks. Each solid gold link was in the shape of a race horse."

"Never fear, Colonel Crumbottom," I told him. "I think I may have found another clue." Someone had placed three of the colonel's playing cards in a row on the coffee table. The numbers read 3-2-4.

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Suddenly, there was a loud shriek. In room 245, we found Mrs. Periwinkle gaping into an empty jewelry box. "My precious pearl earrings are gone!" she cried. "The thief even spilled baby powder all over my dresser!" In the white mess, someone had written the number 542.

What could these numbers mean? I thought. Then it hit me - Tanya Trailblazer must be behind these rotten robberies! She always leaves a sneaky number clue at the scene of her crime. But how can we use these numbers to catch her in the act?

Just then, we heard a dog barking. We rushed to find Fluffy the Famous Poodle yipping loudly in room 787 - and Tanya Trailblazer sneaking out the window with Fluffy's ruby collar! "You'll never catch me, Math Maven!" snickered Tanya. "My clues are too clever!"

We noticed Fluffy had stopped barking and was about to eat the next clue! Tanya had arranged the number 183 out of dog food.

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Solve the Mystery

Okay, Super Sleuths. We don't have much time. Which room is Tanya Trailblazer heading to now? If we get there before her, we can catch her in the act!

Here's a Math Maven Hint: Tanya Trailblazer especially likes to add and subtract numbers.

 Room 183
 Room 604
 Room 970
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