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Math Maven's Mystery: The Case of the Pilfered Pizza

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Hi there, math detectives. I have an unusual case for you. This evening I was invited to join the McCauley family for their Friday night ritual of pizza and a movie. I was looking forward to an evening off, but before I knew it, there was a new mystery to solve.

Now there's one thing you must know about the McCauley family, Ollie, Holly, Wally, and Polly: They LOVE pizza, but they're very picky about their toppings. They can always agree on a movie, but figuring out pizza toppings is almost impossible!

After an hour of debating, we finally ordered two large cheese pizzas, with 6 slices each. One pizza had mushrooms on the whole thing and onions on half. The second pizza had green peppers and onion on half and sausage on the other half.

As soon as the pizza was delivered, we eagerly crowded around the kitchen table. All this talk about pizza had made us hungry!

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"I'd like two mushroom and onion slices, please," said Ollie, thrusting his plate forward. "And keep away those slimy green peppers!"

"I want two slices with just mushrooms," said Holly, poking her head under Ollie's elbow. "I'm allergic to everything else."

"Two slices of onions and green pepper for me," cried Polly, her eyes glowing in anticipation. "Now that's the way to do pizza!" As she opened the second box, the aroma of sausage filled the room. "Eeewwww! Sausage is the WORST!"

"No way – onions and mushrooms are the worst!" said Wally, grabbing two slices of sausage. "Hey, Math Maven, what do you like on your pizza?"

"I'll take anything that doesn't have onions," I said, scooping up two of the remaining slices.

When we went to the living room to watch the movie, Aliens From Beyond, there were two slices of pizza left on the kitchen table.

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At the first commercial, Ollie asked, "Who's ready for seconds?"

"Me!" we all yelled.

After a minute, we heard a shout from Ollie in the kitchen. "Hey! Who took the rest of the pizza?"

"Not me!" said Polly. "I'm not finished yet!"

"I didn't take it!" said Holly. "I'm waiting for the sci-fi convention commercial."

"It wasn't me, honest!" protested Wally with a mouthful of cheese.

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Solve the Mystery

Okay, super sleuths - somebody sneaked off during the movie and swiped those last two slices of pizza. Use your logic skills to figure out who would have eaten the remaining pizza.

Who was that pizza thief?

Math Maven

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