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The Case of the Troublesome Triplets

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Detectives, I need your help solving a tricky case. This morning at 10 a.m., one of the Troublesome Triplets stole $100 from a teller at the Cashflow Bank. The infamous triplets, Doris, Dottie, and Demi, look so much alike, the teller couldn't identify which one took the money.

I wanted to be sure I didn't accuse the wrong triplet of stealing, so I alerted shopkeepers across town to let me know when one of the sisters bought anything. Right away, the phone was ringing off the hook.

"Math Maven, this is Flo from Fad Fashion. One of those Troublesome Triplets was just here. She bought a $60 red dress at half price during our sale."

The next call was from Nelly, the owner of the Nut House. Nelly reported that one of the Troublesome Triplets had bought 5 pounds of peanuts at 49 cents per pound.

Then Earl, down at the bus station, called. One of the Troublesome Triplets had just paid 85 cents an hour to store her shopping bags for two hours.

The next call was from Brad at the bowling alley: "Math Maven, two of the triplets just left the bowling alley. They each paid $7. They've been bowling since nine o'clock this morning."

Before long, Trixie called from the diner: "Math Maven, you should come quickly! The Troublesome Triplets are all here. They just sat down for lunch."

I arrived at the diner as the three sisters were finishing dessert.

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Well, hello ladies. One of you has had a very busy shopping day...with the $100 you stole from the bank!" I exclaimed.

"Math Maven, you're wrong. We were bowling all day," said Doris.

"Two of you were bowling, but one of you robbed the Cashflow Bank this morning," I said. "I can prove it. Show me the money you have in your pockets!"

"This is outrageous! We will not empty our pockets!" exclaimed Demi.

"I want my lawyer!" screamed Dottie.

"Then all three of you are coming down to the police station," I commanded.

With that, Doris, Dottie, and Demi each emptied the contents of their pockets onto the table.

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Solve the Mystery

Super Sleuths, I need your help. From the money left in her pocket, figure out which Troublesome Triplet swiped the $100 from the bank and went on a shopping spree.

Doris, who had $34.15 in her pocket.
Dottie, who had $65.85 in her pocket.
Demi, who had $61.85 in her pocket.

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