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Answers to Extra Challenges
  1. Children should combine the cubes to represent the totals. For the number 5, for example, students may use 1 green and 4 yellow; 2 green and 3 yellow; 3 green and 2 yellow; or 4 green and 1 yellow.
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  2. Some children will draw dots, exactly as they see on the die, while other will draw objects like hearts, stick figures, shapes, etc. After students draw their responses, encourage them to write number sentences using + _= _ format to represent their answers. Depending on their experience, some students may just write the numbers without the + and = signs.
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  3. There are 11 animals all together. Students will use a variety of strategies to come up with a solution. For example, they might use tally marks, draw animals, or use different manipulatives to represent the animals.
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