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In school today, my teacher, Ms. Muller,
Told us to look at our friends’ hair color.
How many are blonde? How many are red?
“What about black and brown?” she said.


A Hairy Situation

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"It's a hairy situation," I said with a laugh.
"But we can keep track with a simple bar graph."
I wrote numbers on the left from 0 [zero] to 15.
Across the bottom I wrote hair colors — no, not green!

Above each choice I colored one square
For each student who has that color of hair.
Our teacher, Ms. Muller, was really impressed.
For comparing amounts, she says graphs are the best!

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Max's Challenge

Use the Activity Page to make your own hair color bar graph.

Color in the correct number of squares above each choice on the graph, up to the number of students with that color hair. When you're done, share your results with Ruthie and me.

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Extra Challenges

Activity Page

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Teacher's Guide

Fill in the number of kids with each color hair. In my class there are:

Kid(s) with black hair.
Kid(s) with brown hair.
Kid(s) with blonde hair.
Kid(s) with red hair.