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The Perfect Parade | Max's Math Adventures
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Ruthie and I were on my lawn
When the mayor came by with a big baton.
He said, “Max and Ruth, I need your aid
To organize the town parde.
All the musicians are waiting for me
What do you think their order should be?


The Perfect Parade

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He wanted the smallest group at the front of the line, With each group bigger as they trailed behind. So we went to count all the ladies and gents Who were going to play their instruments. Six held cymbals; with tubas there were four. That wasn't all — there were plenty more!

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There were five musicians playing the flute. And three folks had brought their trumpets to toot. I counted one banging on a drum And two with kazoos, all ready to hum. We'll tell these marchers where they should stand, But we're counting on you to lend a hand!

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Max's Challenge

Read the poem again. Using the pictures on the Activity Page, help Ruthie and me put the musicians (cymbals, tubas, flutes, trumpets, drums, and kazoos) in order.

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List the order in which the musicians should march. Start from the smallest group in the front row and go to the biggest group in the last row. I'll help you get started:

Row Musicians
first row 1 drummer
second row
third row
fourth row
fifth row
sixth row