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Extra Challenges
Here are some more challenges for students to try. The more red dots, the harder the challenge.
  1. Think about the words "before" and "after." What did Max and Ruthie do before they took Ruthie's dog on a walk? What did they do after? Now think of activities you do before and after other activities in your own life. Fold a piece of paper in three sections. In the middle section draw yourself brushing your teeth. Label the section on the left "before." Draw in that section what you do before you brush your teeth. Label the section to the right "after." Draw in that section what you do after brushing your teeth.
    Difficulty Level:

  2. Put three ice cubes in a dish. Predict how long you think it will take them to melt. How many activities can you do before they melt? Draw and describe what activities you do in the time the cubes are melting. Be sure to include how long each activity takes.
    Difficulty Level:

  3. Sixty minutes make an hour. What activities can you do in a minute? Here are some for you to try:
    • How many times can you write your name in a minute?
    • How many times can you write the alphabet in a minute?
    • How many times can you hop on one foot in a minute?
    Work with a partner to time each activity. Take turns so each of you gets a chance to time and to try the activity. Draw and/or describe what you find out.
    Difficulty Level:

  4. Max and Ruthie put their snowball on a dish at 9 a.m. By 2:30 p.m. the snowball was completely melted. How much time did it take the snowball to melt?
    Difficulty Level:

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