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Relive Pearl Harbor - Hour by Hour: December 7,   8:25 a.m.

Dale Gano rushes off to report for duty on Ford Island (located in the middle of the harbor). Johnie, meanwhile, picks up some friends and is directed to evacuate Pearl City. They are told to head for the hills.

Upon reaching the dock at the foot of Pearl City Peninsula, Dale and several other sailors watch in shock as the battleship Utah capsizes and sinks. As a boat takes them out to Ford Island, Dale and the others witness large formations of Japanese planes flying overhead. Hundreds of wounded men are struggling in the water, trying to reach safety ashore or on board other ships. Sailors not in trouble are trying to help out in any way they can. But because the attack has been a complete surprise, they are unprepared.

A second wave of Japanese attack planes begins to swoop down and strike the harbor. The heavy smoke of destruction now covers Pearl Harbor, and it becomes difficult for Japanese pilots to aim accurately at their targets. Nevertheless, severe damage has already been done. Finally, by 9:30 a.m. Japanese planes withdraw and the attack is over.

Picture of Ford Island

Pearl Harbor Activity Station
Almost every American living on December 7, 1941, remembers hearing the news of the attack of Pearl Harbor. Do you know someone--like a grandparent or family friend--who was alive on December 7, 1941? If yes, ask him or her how he or she first heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor. How did he or she feel?

Share with your classmates or friends what you have found out. How are memories different? How are the similar?

Evacuate - to move away from an area because it is dangerous there.

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