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Marilyn Whirry, Ph.D. Marilyn Whirry, Ph.D.
2000 National Teacher of the Year
Faculty, Scholastic RED
Marilyn Whirry has a Ph.D. in contemporary literature and philosophy and has taught for the last forty years at the high school and university levels. During this time, she has given over 450 workshops to teachers all over the United States and Japan. Dr. Marilyn Whirry has sat on such boards as the Summer Institute for the Gifted Advisory Board and has been a Commissioner of Teacher Credentialing in California. She has been appointed to the National Assessment Governing Board for eleven years.

She has received many awards and adulations during her professional career. One of the most significant awards has been the honor of being chosen National Teacher of the Year in 2000. This allowed her to travel throughout the nation and other countries visiting schools and teachers, speaking to businessmen and women, visiting universities and schools of education, appearing on numerous television and radio stations, giving press conferences, and generally learning and growing. Before this honor, she was California Teacher of the Year, California Woman of the Year, Educator of the Year (Loyola University), and Milken Educator of the Year. She also has had the honor of receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Loyola University. She is the mother of two sons and four grandchildren.

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