Scholastic FX Books: Phonics Fluency for Older Readers - Grades 6-12 *New!*
Product Overview

Scholastic FX Books is a collection of 24 high-interest, age-appropriate texts for struggling readers and English-language learners in middle and high school who need to practice and review essential phonics concepts.

Students Materials

Practice Essential Decoding Skills

Scholastic FX Books
target important phonics patterns in sequential order. These patterns — called the FX Factor — are listed on the inside front cover of each book. As students engage in the text, they practice the FX Factor, build fluency, and vocabulary.

Targeted Phonics Practice
Each book addresses one to three phonics patterns and contains numerous examples of each, providing students with the practice they need to build fluency.
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Practice Activities
The Teacher’s Guide provides supplemental activities to help students practice the targeted phonics patterns while building fluency, vocabulary, and confidence.
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Teacher Materials

Easy-to-Use Instructional Support
The Teacher’s Guide provides comprehensive support for phonics instruction, student activities, and other valuable resources.

Teacher materials include:
• Teaching Plans
• Student Activity Sheets
• Teaching Routines for Vocabulary Instruction
• High-Frequency Vocabulary Word List
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Teaching Plans
A teaching plan for each FX Book presents instructional support for teaching the targeted phonics patterns.
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Vocabulary Routine
Teachers can use this proven-to-work teaching routine for introducing new vocabulary to students.
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300 High-Frequency Words
The Teacher’s Guide includes a list of high-frequency words that teachers can use with students to build and assess fluency.
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