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About Scholastic Literacy Partnerships

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What is Scholastic Literacy Partnerships?
Scholastic Literacy Partnerships is a program to support the literacy efforts of organizations nationwide. This growing network of 5,000 literacy programs all share one common goal:  getting more books into the hands and homes of needy children and families.

To help them, Scholastic Literacy Partnerships provides deep discounts on a wide range of quality children’s paperback and board books, as well as free bonus books.  It also provides other free tools and resources designed specifically to meet their needs.

Who is Eligible to Join?
Any non-profit (501c3), state agency, community organization or corporation that is engaged in distributing books to children and/or their families free of charge is eligible to join.  Current Scholastic Literacy Partnerships include small, grassroots programs housed in churches, schools and community centers to large national programs run out of corporations, government agencies and nonprofits.  Services provided by these organizations often include early childhood, family literacy and adult literacy programs.

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Why become a Scholastic Literacy Partner?
Membership in the Scholastic Literacy Partnerships program provides eligible organizations with deep discounts on a wide range of favorite children’s paperback and board books, as well as a variety of free books, resources and information designed specifically to help support their literacy efforts. Benefits include:

  • Discounts up to 80% off List Price
  • Ten FREE Bonus Books for every $150 spent
  • FREE shipping and handling
  • FREE subscription to Literacy Link, the Scholastic Literacy Partnerships newsletter
  • Member access to SLP online resources