The Scholastic ReadingLine Phonics Kit contains 21 decodable books with short vowel CVC words that will help develop your students' early phonics skills. Scholastic has teamed with award-winning illustrators such as Lynn Munsinger, Steve Salerno, Elisa Kleven, and Eric Brace to create the "best little books on earth."

For a complete list of titles and Phonics Scope and Sequence, please download this PDF File.

Sound and Letter Kit Book Levels


Tailor Instruction to Your Classroom
A flexible Teaching Guide contains two specially designed teaching options:

• Express Plan: 2-Day Book Plan
• Local Plan: 5-Day Skills Focus Plan

The Scholastic ReadingLine Phonics Kit can be adapted to all levels of primary learning.
Use the Kit in:

• Kindergarten during Small-Group Instruction
• First Grade Intervention for below-level students or English-language learners

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Phonics Kit Includes:

• Teaching Guide
• 84 Little Books (21 titles, 4 copies each)
• Take-Home Book Reproducibles
• Audio CD (Covering each title in the kit)
• 4 Activity Books (1 book, 4 copies)
• Word-Building Cards
• Decodable Word Cards
• Classroom Posters (2)
Phonics Kit Pricing:

• Phonics Kit
( All components above)
Item #EEC955015: $429.95 $386.96

• Phonics Kit
Introductory Library
(21 titles, 1 copy each)
Item #EEC955653: $79.95

• ReadingLine Value Pack
(Phonics Kit, Sound and Letter Kit, Vocabulary Kit)
Item #EEC955012:
$1,155.95 $1040.36