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The American Library Association site is easy to navigate and chock-full of wonderful links and information, including the ALA's top 700 picks of the best Web sites for kids. Organized by topic, the site includes a list of Spanish-language Web pages as well as sections with super recommendations and references.

The Amazing Picture Machine

While there are many search engines designed to make surfing safe for children, very few are able to filter out all inappropriate images. That's why NCREL (the North Central Region Education Library) created this massive collection of kid-safe images on topics from aircraft to architecture to animals.


Museum Computer Network

This Museum Guide, prepared by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, offers thousands of excellent links for both real and virtual destinations.


One visit to the Exploratorium Web site and you'll understand why just about every educational list ranks this URL as one of the best around. Exhibits and activities change as the exhibits at the museum change. All are engaging, fun, and challenging for children.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Online Collections

The Met is an American cultural treasure, but did you know that a large portion of its collection can be viewed online? The Web site contains 3,500 images, including 50 highlights from each of the 20+ departments, plus the entire collection of European paintings.


Among the favorite Web sites of the year 2000 of both Time and Newsweek, Google is a fabulous search engine with technological innovations that ensure the most relevant results to any query.

Learning Network

Learning Network organizes its information into categories such as K-12, professional development, lifelong learning, and reference. The K-12 section is further divided into eight sections: lesson plans, communities of interest, classroom management, school-to-home communication, professional development, newsletters, teacher spotlight, and teacher store.


FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) provides links to all educational resources from the federal government. Materials come from more than 50 agencies, including NASA, Departments of Energy, Agriculture, Treasury, Defense, and Labor, and the National Institute of Health.

PBS Teacher Source

Did you know that K-12 teachers can tape any PBS program for use in the classroom, provided they erase the tape within one year of the original national airdate? PBS encourages use of their programs for educational purposes, and provides teaching guides and materials to accompany most of them.

AT&T Learning Network

AT&T Learning Network contains enough worthwhile information to be your single source of Web-related materials for the entire year. There are numerous listservs, tutorials, lesson plans, reference materials, management tips, contests, online projects, and more.

Education World

Education World is a mammoth educational clearinghouse with descriptions and links to over 110,000 prescreened Web pages. Check out their "best of" series.

The Gateway to Educational Materials

The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) is a massive clearinghouse for educational materials, sponsored by the National Library of Education, that contains over 1,550 Internet resources from more than 15 different organizations, including AskERIC and the U.S. Department of Education.


This jam-packed art site has something for everyone. The Kids' section has many fun and creative interactive activities. For teachers there are excellent lesson plans, techniques, product information, newsgroups, grants, and more.

While some sites provide a little bit of everything, Discovery Channel School offers a lot of everything. There are feature articles, lesson plans, multiple discussion groups, mailing lists, teleconferencing with experts, a software store, an internal resource search engine, Cyber Surfaris, and Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators — quite possibly the single best source of information, links, and resources for K-12 teachers on the Web.