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All About ADHD
Linda Pfiffner has revised and updated her best-selling guide to teaching students with ADHD in the mainstream classroom. This rich resource will support you as you support your students with ADHD, so that all students in your classroom can experience success.
Grades K – 8
Linda J. Pfiffner


Integrating Test Prep Into Reading & Writing Workshops
Literacy expert Nancy Jennison has more than 18 years experience in successfully preparing students for standardized reading and writing tests, so she knows what works to raise those scores. In this comprehensive resource, she presents her strategies for integrating the skills students need to succeed on the tests with best practice teaching and your school's curriculum.
Grades 3 – 8
Nancy Jennison


It's Not Complicated! What I Know for Sure About Helping Our Students of Color Become Successful Readers
The book showcases renowned educator Phyllis Hunter’s pivotal guidance for administrators, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens about how best to serve the literacy needs of students of color.
Grades K – 12
Phyllis C. Hunter


Principal's Guide to Literacy in the Elementary Classroom, The
Many principals are excellent leaders and managers, but feel less confident about their roles as curriculum leaders. This essential guide will help them with the most important area of learning that takes place in a school: literacy. Foreword by Gay Fawcett.
Grades K – 6
Autumn Tooms; Timothy Rasinski; Nancy Padak


Principal's Leadership Sourcebook, The: Practices, Tools, and Strategies for Building a Thriving School Community
A principal who is an effective leader is the difference between a successful, thriving school and a failing school. Evan Robb is such an effective leader, and in this resource he shares his no-fail strategies for approaching budgets, instruction, community relations, school safety, and much more.
Grades 4 – 12
Evan Robb


Smart Answers to Tough Questions
Provides clear answers to the most frequently asked questions about literacy instruction. Literacy coaches and administrators will also find the book an indispensable resource for professional development workshops, newsletters, and grant applications. A time-saving, comprehensive desktop essential.
Grades K – 8
Elaine Garan


Success with RTI
This book provides practical, research-based support to help teachers in grades K—5 improve their core instruction and manage the three tiers of intervention that comprise RTI.
Grades K – 5
J. David Cooper; Nancy D. Kiger


Tapping the Potential of Parents
This breakthrough book features concrete strategies that foster strong family-school partnerships which, in turn, help guarantee student success. The strategies, which enable teachers to interact with diverse families, include class and school demographic profiles, parenting contracts, parent vision statements, and parent informant literacy groups.
Grades K – 6
Patricia Edwards


The Bully Solution: A Parent's Guide
Bullying is one of the toughest issues children face growing up. This guide—written just for parents— gives families a strategic approach to solving all kinds of bullying problems, both in and out of school. Parents will find McMullen's book accessible and filled with dozens of practical resources.
Grades K – 6
Carol McMullen


Tools for Leaders
For schools working to enhance their organizational capacity to boost student learning, this book provides a framework for collaborative professional development, outlines its principles, and supplies an array of tools.
Grades K – 12
Marjorie Larner

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