Sound & Letter Time Building Phonemic Awareness & Alphabet Recognition Skills NEW! Grades PreK-1

Program Overview

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Program Overview
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Scholastic Sound & Letter Time offers a complete program of phonemic awareness and alphabet recognition instruction and practice
. The program covers the critical phonemic awareness skills and reinforces the ABCs-- both uppercase and lowercase letters and their corresponding sounds. In addition, the program is carefully designed to facilitate children’s vocabulary development. Download the Sound & Letter Time Scope & Sequence (PDF).

Scholastic Sound & Letter Time is available in two levels — PreK and Grades K–1.
The table below demonstrates how each level can be used in the classroom or in an after-school setting.

Pre Kindergarten

Kindergarten–Grade 1

  • Perfect for small-group teacher table sessions
  • Perfect for small-group instruction and learning centers

  • Perfect for intervention sessions

About the Games and Activities in the Kit
The following are examples of the games and activities found in the PreK and/or K-1 program and a brief explanation of the skills that are taught throughout that game.

  • Rhyme Game: Exercises teach children to recognize and generate rhyme.
  • Initial Sound Domino Game: Exercises teach children to build and develop initial sounds of letters and words.
  • Oddity Tasks Game: Exercises teach children to compare and contrast the sounds of words.
  • Oral Segmentation Game: Exercises teach children to separate words into sounds.
  • Sound-Letter Game: Exercises teach children the connection between sound and letters, the first step to reading
  • Articulation Game: Exercises help children distinguish confusing sounds and letters.

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