Welcome to My Workshop

Welcome to the Scholastic Online Workshop! I am delighted to explore with you the topic of Supporting Emergent Literacy: Developing Story Language, Phonemic Awareness, and Phonics. This series of three interactive workshops is self-paced. Throughout the workshops you may ask questions, share your thoughts and make comments directly to other course participants by clicking on the Ask a Question button on the left. After your message is reviewed by a Scholastic staff member, it will be posted to the course bulletin board for all participants to see.


In Session One, we will look at oral language activities that support literacy acquisition.

In Session Two, I will define phonemic awareness, discuss its importance to reading and writing, and share classroom activities that promote its development.

In Session Three I will define the term phonics, discuss why it is important to reading and writing, and share instructional activities and materials that support phonics in the classroom.


Here you'll find my final comments on the workshop, as well as a printable certificate of completion.

I hope your knowledge of oral language, phonemic awareness, and phonics activities will increase as a result of this workshop, and that you will discover some new resources and ideas for your classroom instruction.