Final Thoughts

Thank you for participating in this on-line workshop series, "Supporting Emergent Literacy: Developing Story Language, Phonemic Awareness, and Phonics." Through this workshop, teachers have been extending their learning about emergent literacy, as well as sharing their knowledge of helpful teaching techniques and literature titles. Please take time to review the suggestions in the Session 2 Lesson Plans.

If you haven't checked out the "Ask a Question" section, please visit it to read other teachers' questions and comments. You'll find that many teachers are interested in more information not only about phonemic awareness and phonics, but also about guided reading, a balanced literacy program, and suggestions for students with special needs. Many participants have taken the time to respond to some of these questions by sharing your teaching ideas and experiences. This activity adds a wonderful dimension to this workshop and contributes to everyone's learning.

I have been pleased to be a part of these workshops with you, and to belong to the Scholastic Community of Learners. Best wishes for a great school year!