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"Balanced Literacy: Teaching the Skills AND Thrills of Reading"
In a truly balanced literacy program, how you teach is as important as what you teach.

"Preventing Reading Failure"
In this Q&A article, learn how you can prevent students' reading failure by providing the most effective reading instruction.

"Why Direct Spelling Instruction Is Important"
Barbara Foorman, researcher and Scholastic Spelling Senior Author, makes the case for explicit spelling instruction.

"Spelling and the ESL Child"
Find out how to help ESL students see themselves as able to read, spell, and write in English.

"Creating a Productive Writing Environment"
Can writing really flourish in classrooms that are mutually designed by teachers and children?

"The Tools You Need to Assess Writing"
To thoughtfully evaluate students' creative writing, you must start where they are and then read beneath the surface. Here's some hands-on help for getting started.

"Start with Science"
Teachers all across the country are using science as a starting point for cross-curricular learning. In this article, find out how you can be part of the adventure.

"Discovering Science in Nature"
Rich outdoor science excursions can foster the development of young scientists across the country.

"7 Basics for Teaching Arithmetic Today"
Arithmetic skills are necessary life tools that children must learn. Learn some sure-fire teaching techniques for your classroom.

"7 Musts for Using Manipulatives"
In this article, find out why one teacher who has used math manipulatives for over 30 years won't teach without them.

Social Studies
"How and Why I Teach with Historical Fiction"
Historical fiction can be the spice in a balanced instructional diet of history, fact, and fiction.

"Teaching Kids the Gentle Art of Persuasion"
Learning to express ideas with clarity and to speak persuasively should be a central goal in every social studies classroom.

Reading Comprehension: Self-Monitoring Strategies to Develop Independent Readers

Empower students to become successful, independent learners and more effective readers.

Spelling Strategies That Work
This practical book invites you into the classrooms of two teachers who have developed a spelling program that produces successful spellers year after year.

The Most Wonderful Writing Lessons Ever
Everything you need to teach the essential elements — and the magic — of good writing.

ScienceART: Projects and Activities That Teach Science Concepts and Develop Process Skills
These creative projects help students develop key skills such as observation, classification, and prediction.

How to Assess Problem-Solving Skills in Math
Discover fresh ways to assess students' problem-solving skills with these classroom-tested strategies.

Making Social Studies Come Alive
This collection of 65 classroom-tested activities and projects includes creative ideas for timelines, recipes, songs, and much more.

Let Scholastic Help You With Assessment
Scholastic Professional Books is committed to helping teachers by providing a full range of high-quality books. Most are written by educators working in many settings — and especially by teachers.

Find out how you can get your ideas into print!