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Featured Lesson Plan
Lesson plans and resources to help you Connect your Classroom to Campaign 2008!
Explore the Election
Explore Election 2008
Use the interactive on the Election 2008 homepage to teach your students about the election, democracy, and citizens. With a click of the start button, they can start an exploration that includes games, stories, blogs, and multimedia. Teachers will find lesson plans and reproducibles for each section.

Use the Explore Election 2008 Web Hunt to get your class connected to the campaign!
McCain with Kid Reporter
Ask the Kid Reporters
What’s it like to be a Scholastic Kid Reporter on the campaign trail? Have students send in their questions and comments while following the latest campaign news.
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Obama and Petraeus
Talk About the Issues
Kid Reporters are asking the candidates about where they stand on the issues. Students can take part in the discussion and send in their own questions.
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Election Lesson Plans
Scholastic News Online brings the campaign to your classroom. The lesson plans and reproducibles below are each geared to an essential element in Election 2008.
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