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Field Journal: Rescuing the Red Wolf

From November 1st to November 21st, our Red Wolf specialists documented their daily findings in a field journal that they have shared with Wild Animal Watch. Read the radio-tracking specialists' entries on keeping track of red wolves in the wild. Or, read journal entries from the Alligator Wildlife Refuge team. Learn how their jobs progress from day to day!

Date of report    Author    Topic
Friday, November 1, 1996 Will Waddell Breeding red wolves
Monday, November 4, 1996 Will Waddell Keeping track of the species
Tuesday, November 5, 1996 Will Waddell In the office
Wednesday, November 6, 1996 Will Waddell Red Wolf Studbook
Thursday, November 7, 1996 Will Waddell Planning to move wolves
Friday, November 8, 1996 Chris Lucash Prey density study
Monday, November 11, 1996 Chris Lucash Home range of the wolves
Tuesday, November 12, 1996 Chris Lucash Travels of wolf 565F
Wednesday, November 13, 1996 Chris Lucash Track station set-up
Thursday, November 14, 1996 Chris Lucash Track station report
Friday, November 15, 1996 Michael Morse Trapping started today
Monday, November 18, 1996 Michael Morse A 1996 pup is caught
Tuesday, November 19, 1996 Michael Morse Checking the traps
Wednesday, November 20, 1996 Michael Morse Volunteer wolf caretaker
Thursday, November 21, 1996 Michael Morse Catch of the day!

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