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Humans did not inhabit New Zealand until around A.D. 800, almost 1,200 years ago. The first people to arrive there were Pacific Islanders, who traveled the seas in giant canoes. Using the stars, sun, and sea currents to navigate and find land, they traveled from island to island. Over a period of 500 years many canoes brought people to Aotearoa, "The Land of the Long White Cloud," as New Zealand was then called. On Colin's journey he met the descendants of those seagoing travelers, who are now known as Maoris.

The Maoris believe in gods which represented the sky, earth, forests, and forces of nature. The Maori people also believe that the spirits of their ancestors could be called upon to help them in times of need or war. The Maori culture is rich with songs, art, dance, and deep spiritual beliefs.

Maori Carver In Auckland and Rotorua, Colin met experts in the Maori culture and way of life.

Trek Update
Colin visited Te Whaiti in the Whirinaki Forest, south of Rotorua, and Otaki, where there is a Maori university and several maraes, or Maori meeting places.

Want to learn more about the Maori people? Visit these Maori Web sites to find out about their history, music, dance, art, and myths and legends. Plus, learn a few Maori words, aided by the online Maori-English dictionary.

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